Mayorkas defends Biden’s record as border crossings fall after Title 42 ends

The Homeland Security secretary touted the success of policy changes, though Republicans were quick to point to overall numbers of migrants entering at the southern border.

By Azi Paybarah and David OvalleMay 14, 2023

Biden calls white supremacy greatest terrorism threat as 2024 race heats up

In his commencement address at Howard University, President Biden says U.S. history “has not always been a fairy tale” and urges unity against racism and white supremacy.

By Toluse OlorunnipaMay 14, 2023

From Rahmbo to Rahm-bassador: How an unlikely diplomat has wooed Japan

He's hard-charging and sweary even by Washington standards, but super-polite Japan has taken a surprising shine to Ambassador Rahm Emanuel.

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeMay 14, 2023

In Iowa, DeSantis embraces campaign rituals — but keeps some distance

Donald Trump was expected to hold a dueling rally Saturday in Des Moines but canceled it, citing a tornado watch

By Hannah Knowles and Dylan WellsMay 13, 2023

Conservatives hail Daniel Penny as ‘hero’ after killing man on subway

Penny's legal-defense fund has raised more than $1 million after he was charged with second-degree manslaughter in Jordan Neely's death on the New York subway.

By Timothy BellaMay 13, 2023

What a Manchin third-party bid in 2024 might mean

Manchin keeps dropping hints. But where would his votes come from?

By Aaron BlakeMay 11, 2023

CNN town hall lays bare Trump’s very unpopular agenda

Say what you will about CNN granting Donald Trump its platform, but it reinforced how strongly unpopular many of his 2024 positions are.

By Aaron BlakeMay 11, 2023

How Republicans feel about Trump and sexual misconduct

Polls have shown a significant degree of concern about former president Donald Trump and these issues. But they've also shown Republicans unconvinced Trump went too far.

By Aaron BlakeMay 10, 2023

The seemingly damning indictment of Rep. George Santos

A look at the charges against Rep. George Santos and the compelling paper trail that allowed investigators to piece the case together so quickly.

By Aaron BlakeMay 10, 2023

4 takeaways from the E. Jean Carroll verdict against Trump

Parsing the verdict and the political fallout.

By Aaron BlakeMay 9, 2023

What the detente between Trump and a top antiabortion group suggests

Three weeks after a harshly critical statement, the group is saying nice things about Trump — despite little indication that he's changed his position that abortion “should be decided at the state level.”

By Aaron BlakeMay 9, 2023

N.C. governor vetoes 12-week abortion ban, setting up fight with GOP lawmakers

The North Carolina governor, a Democrat, has vetoed the state's 12-week abortion ban but the state legislature could still override his action.

By Silvia Foster-FrauMay 13, 2023

Defending white nationalists, Tommy Tuberville fears a military that is ‘going wrong’

The first-term senator has stepped up his campaign against the U.S. military, saying, 'I look at a white nationalist as a Trump Republican.'

By Paul KaneMay 13, 2023

How Truman, who was known to disparage Jews, became godfather of Israel

Harry Truman used antisemitic slurs in private. But his surprise decision 75 years ago to recognize Israel, launching a fierce alliance, was a long time coming.

By Gordon F. SanderMay 13, 2023

The 2024 election isn’t about normal things. It’s about Trump.

The former president has changed the terms of the debate for the coming election, as evidenced by his performance during the CNN town hall.

By Dan BalzMay 13, 2023
The Washington Post

Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump’s Truth Social

But neither Trump Media nor the SPAC that has proposed merging with it has revealed that to the SEC or the SPAC's shareholders.

By Drew Harwell, Matt Bernardini and Matei RoscaMay 13, 2023

‘Tool’ of the Proud Boys convicted of Jan. 6 police assault, rioting

Worrell’s mistreatment at the D.C. jail led a judge to order his pretrial release and jail authorities to be found in contempt.

By Spencer S. HsuMay 12, 2023

Pamela Turnure Timmins, press secretary to Jackie Kennedy, dies at 85

At 23, she became the first press secretary to a first lady. Some historians said she had a romantic relationship with John F. Kennedy, which her family denied.

By Harrison SmithMay 12, 2023

Millennial GOP candidate wants to raise voting age to 25. Some young Republicans fume.

Vivek Ramaswamy, 37, says, “When you attach greater value to the act, we will see more 18-to-25-year-olds actually vote than do now.” Others disagree.

By Dylan WellsMay 12, 2023

Justice Department blocks Trump deposition in Strzok, Page lawsuits

The Justice Department won a court order to stop former president Donald Trump from being questioned under oath until FBI Director Christopher Wray is interviewed.

By Spencer S. HsuMay 12, 2023

Hodding Carter III, State Dept. spokesman in Iran crisis, dies at 88

He was the scion of a Mississippi newspaper family and won four Emmy Awards for TV documentaries.

By Harrison SmithMay 12, 2023

The obvious reason Trump is offering praise to Vivek Ramaswamy

The Republican front-runner wants a big field — and to guide skeptics where he wants them.

By Philip BumpMay 12, 2023

New York Democrats press Biden to relax job rules for asylum seekers

The letter is signed by a group of 13 Democrats who represent New York City — including Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

By John WagnerMay 12, 2023

Anderson Cooper scolds critics of CNN’s town hall with Trump

"Do you think staying in your silo ... is going to make that person go away?” Anderson Cooper asked his viewers the day after CNN's widely reviled town hall with Donald Trump.

By Samantha CheryMay 12, 2023

Trump supporters are neither underrecognized nor half the country

Of all the excuses for airing Trump's unfiltered commentary on a news channel, the idea that his views are otherwise unheard is among the worst.

By Philip BumpMay 12, 2023

Defying calls to resign, Feinstein returns to looming Judiciary agenda

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) defied activists' calls for her to retire, making her way back to the Senate in time to push through stalled judges and prepare for a debt ceiling vote.

By Liz Goodwin and Maeve RestonMay 12, 2023