Raw videos of violent incidents in Texas rekindle debate about graphic images

News organizations have long held back from publishing explicit or violent images of death, which are now rapidly disseminated across social media platforms.

By Marc Fisher and Naomi NixMay 14, 2023
The Washington Post

Alleged leaker fixated on guns and envisioned ‘race war’

Previously unpublished videos and documents reviewed by The Washington Post reveal Jack Teixeira’s preparations for a violent social conflict, his racist thinking and a deep suspicion of the government he served.

By Shane Harris, Samuel Oakford and Chris DehghanpoorMay 14, 2023

After red-state shootings, gun-control advocates see glimmers of change

Gun control advocates say they are seeing faint glimmers of fissures for more regulations in what has long been staunch Republican opposition.

By Karin Brulliard and Annie GowenMay 14, 2023

At Michigan State, February mass killing looms over graduation

Three students were killed and others injured in a Feb. 13 shooting on campus that continues to provoke anxiety and concern among students and teachers.

By Wali KhanMay 13, 2023

Conservatives hail Daniel Penny as ‘hero’ after killing man on subway

Penny's legal-defense fund has raised more than $1 million after he was charged with second-degree manslaughter in Jordan Neely's death on the New York subway.

By Timothy BellaMay 13, 2023

End of a love affair: AM radio is being removed from many cars

After a century-long romance, the car and AM radio are breaking up, leaving conservative talk shows, programs aimed at immigrants and religious stations wondering how they'll connect with listeners.

By Marc FisherMay 13, 2023

Mass killings leave Americans fearful, numb and wondering: Am I next?

As the country confronts a fresh string of mass killings in everyday places, the unrelenting violence is exacting a psychological toll.

By Joanna SlaterMay 13, 2023

‘Tool’ of the Proud Boys convicted of Jan. 6 police assault, rioting

Worrell’s mistreatment at the D.C. jail led a judge to order his pretrial release and jail authorities to be found in contempt.

By Spencer S. HsuMay 12, 2023

End of Title 42 pandemic border policy brings reset, but no sudden rush

The Title 42 border policy, used during the pandemic to quickly expel migrants who were in the United States illegally, expired Friday.

By Mary Beth Sheridan, Reyes Mata III, Maria Sacchetti and Nick MiroffMay 12, 2023

Texas shooter’s diary charts decade-long path to violence

The shooter in the Allen, Tex., mass killing showed signs of extreme hate as far back as 2013, but his online postings don’t spell out a clear motive, analysts say.

By Razzan Nakhlawi, Hannah Allam, Samuel Oakford and Silvia Foster-FrauMay 12, 2023

Daniel Penny charged with manslaughter in Jordan Neely’s subway chokehold death

The 24-year-old Marine Corps veteran, who was seen on video holding Neely in a chokehold for several minutes, was released on $100,000 bond. Penny is back in court July 17.

By Timothy Bella and Andrea SalcedoMay 12, 2023

Justice Department blocks Trump deposition in Strzok, Page lawsuits

The Justice Department won a court order to stop former president Donald Trump from being questioned under oath until FBI Director Christopher Wray is interviewed.

By Spencer S. HsuMay 12, 2023

Lori Vallow, mom with doomsday beliefs, found guilty in kids’ killings

Prosecutors argued that the couple thought of themselves as godlike figures tasked with ridding the world of “zombie” spirits.

By Amber Ferguson and Andrea SalcedoMay 12, 2023

Hodding Carter III, State Dept. spokesman in Iran crisis, dies at 88

He was the scion of a Mississippi newspaper family and won four Emmy Awards for TV documentaries.

By Harrison SmithMay 12, 2023

Para los exiliados nicaragüenses, la libertad es aún una promesa esquiva en Estados Unidos

Separados de su país y su familia en Nicaragua, los ex prisioneros políticos enfrentan las complejidades de vivir en el destierro en Estados Unidos.

By Paulina VillegasMay 12, 2023

Carrying a Bible and a gun, a pastor tends to an unsettled New Orleans

Pastor Isaiah Stewart’s ministry has gone beyond consoling victims of gun violence into teaching them how to use guns in a city wracked by violence.

By Holly BaileyMay 12, 2023

Title 42 is over. Here’s how it works at the border now.

The end of the Title 42 policy that allowed officials to quickly remove border crossers is straining President Biden's immigration policies.

By Adrian Blanco, Samuel Granados, Hannah Dormido, Nick Miroff and Maria SacchettiMay 12, 2023

For exiled Nicaraguans, freedom rings hollow in the U.S.

Severed from home and family in Nicaragua, former political prisoners struggle to build new lives in the U.S. as they watch their country unravel from afar.

By Paulina VillegasMay 12, 2023

A county weighed renaming Negro Creek. Black leaders fought the change.

A committee of community leaders in Johnson County, Kan., voted last month to keep the name despite some opposition and an unclear origin story behind it.

By Praveena SomasundaramMay 12, 2023

A rock smashed through their roof. Scientists say it was a meteorite.

The College of New Jersey confirmed that a rock that crashed through a home in Hopewell Township, N.J., on Monday was a meteorite.

By Daniel WuMay 12, 2023