Carolyn Hax: When grandparents visit, toddler still goes to day care

Visiting grandparents are offended when their granddaughter is sent to day care instead of spending time with them.

By Carolyn HaxMay 14, 2023

Ask Amy: I hate blaming my fatigue on my cancer

A letter writer wonders how to explain chronic health problems in social situations.

By Amy DickinsonMay 14, 2023

Ask Amy: My brother-in-law illegally used parking permit for disabled

Letter writer’s brother-in-law is using his late mother’s handicap parking permit illegally.

By Amy DickinsonMay 13, 2023

Miss Manners: I suspect her business trips are really vacations

Letter writer suspects their partner’s work trips are actually personal vacations.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 13, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Friend’s ‘boundaries’ mean she holds you at arm’s length

A letter writer isn't sure it’s worth keeping a friend who set new boundaries and now won't open up about her own life.

By Carolyn HaxMay 13, 2023

Miss Manners: I caught feelings for my friend with benefits

It was just supposed to be a friends-with-benefits situation, but the letter writer suddenly felt more.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 12, 2023

Ask Amy: We have a great relationship, except I’m not attracted to him

They rekindled their romance but the letter writer finds she is not sexually attracted to her partner anymore.

By Amy DickinsonMay 12, 2023

Carolyn Hax: Husband uses toddler for petty stunt during argument

A letter writer is appalled by husband's use of their toddler during an argument to pull a petty stunt in public.

By Carolyn HaxMay 12, 2023

Ask Sahaj: My job makes me feel like I’ll never be good enough

She always believed "if I worked hard enough, learned enough and accepted all the feedback, I’d be good enough" to get to the top of her employment. Now she's not sure that's true.

By Sahaj Kaur KohliMay 11, 2023

Miss Manners: Husband says it’s ‘unfriendly’ to ignore strangers trying to talk

Letter writer wonders if it’s unfriendly to ignore men talking to her on the street.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 11, 2023

Ask Amy: My wife gave up drinking and then stopped going out

A couple quit alcohol together, and the wife is having trouble going out without drinking.

By Amy DickinsonMay 11, 2023

Carolyn Hax: A few A-minuses? Parents say ‘summer school and therapy.’

Parents want summer school and life-coaching for a teen whose grades have "slipped" — from A to A-minus.

By Carolyn HaxMay 11, 2023

‘Moderately famous’ brother never asks about us. Carolyn Hax readers give advice.

Letter writer is bothered their ‘moderately famous’ actor brother is mad they didn’t ask about his play.

By Carolyn Hax and Haben KelatiMay 10, 2023

A teen stepson lies. How should a stepparent ‘curb this behavior?’

I think my stepson's lying is a big deal but my husband doesn't. What do we do about this 13-year-old?

By Meghan LeahyMay 10, 2023

Miss Manners: How to deal with a rude swimmer in a hotel pool

Letter writer wonders about the etiquette around sharing a swimming pool.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 10, 2023

Carolyn Hax: ‘Self-focused’ friend grows needier amid marital crisis

A letter writer loses patience with a friend who has become needy during her year-long marital crisis.

By Carolyn HaxMay 10, 2023

Ask Amy: My sons are adults. Why can’t I stop worrying about them?

Her adult sons are doing fine, but she can’t stop worrying about them.

By Amy DickinsonMay 10, 2023

Ask Elaine: My daughter cut me off and won’t say why. What should I do?

A father isn't sure what to do next after his daughter rebuffs multiple attempts at contact.

By Elaine WelterothMay 9, 2023

Ask Amy: How much financial support do I owe my sister?

How much financial support should this letter writer give to their struggling sister?

By Amy DickinsonMay 9, 2023

Miss Manners: Elders ask for grace around new names and pronouns

A letter writer looks for grace from a relative who recently announced a new name and pronouns.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinMay 9, 2023