Army base drops Confederate’s name, honors pioneering Hispanic general

Fort Hood will be renamed after Gen. Richard Cavazos, a Korean and Vietnam War veteran who was the nation’s first Hispanic four-star general.

By Andrew JeongMay 9, 2023

Biden expected to tap Air Force general as next Joint Chiefs chairman

If confirmed by the Senate, Gen. Charles ‘CQ’ Brown Jr. would replace Gen. Mark A. Milley as the president’s senior military adviser.

By Dan LamotheMay 4, 2023

He missed graduation during WWII. Now 101, he’ll walk with Class of ’23.

Fredric Taylor, 101, missed his 1943 graduation at Cornell College for military training. Eighty years later, the Iowa school is inviting him back.

By Kyle MelnickMay 3, 2023

Biden orders 1,500 more troops to Mexico border amid migration surge

The military personnel being mobilized will supplement Customs and Border Protection work at the border, officials said. They will not conduct law enforcement work.

By Alex Horton and Nick MiroffMay 2, 2023

Vincent Stewart, trailblazing Marine general who led DIA, dies at 64

While serving as the first Black director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he advised two presidents on global security threats.

By Harrison Smith and Dan LamotheMay 1, 2023

Army grounds helicopters after fatal crashes in Alaska and Kentucky

The announcement comes after three Army helicopter pilots were killed when two Apaches collided midair in Alaska this week, according to military officials.

By Andrew JeongApril 28, 2023

U.S. Army renames Fort Lee in Virginia after two Black former officers

The post is one of nine Army installations being redesignated to remove names, symbols and other displays commemorating the Confederacy.

By Antonio OlivoApril 27, 2023

The rise of a shadowy Russian mercenary network

The Wagner Group is a name that seems to be coming up often, whether it’s in connection with the war in Ukraine or the fighting in Sudan. Today on “Post Reports,” reporter Greg Miller unpacks the origins of this mercenary network and its growth fueling instability around the world.

By Lucy Perkins, Elana Gordon and Sean CarterApril 26, 2023

Mastermind of Kabul airport massacre killed by Taliban, U.S. says

An ISIS suicide bomber killed scores of Afghans and 13 U.S. troops during the Biden administration’s evacuation of Afghanistan in 2021.

By Dan LamotheApril 25, 2023

A dying Daniel Ellsberg talks about Discord and the power of leaks

The man behind the Pentagon Papers is confronting terminal pancreatic cancer. He says the Discord leaks make clear the dangers of the Ukraine war

By Devlin BarrettApril 25, 2023

Divided court leaves constitutional issue at Guantanamo unresolved

U.S. may not be allowed to keep a man imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay after he is no longer deemed a threat, but due process question remains

By Rachel Weiner and Spencer S. HsuApril 12, 2023

Billy Waugh, veteran who tracked Carlos the Jackal for CIA, dies at 93

Mr. Waugh, a decorated combat veteran, found a place in the world of covert surveillance and intelligence.

By Brian MurphyApril 7, 2023

Elite troops died being sucked out of planes. Critics blame their parachutes.

A Navy SEAL and an Air Force commando died, while a Green Beret may lose an arm, after their parachutes prematurely opened and violently ripped them from planes.

By Kyle RempferApril 7, 2023

Army identifies 9 soldiers killed in Fort Campbell helicopter mishap

Two Black Hawk helicopters from the Army's 101st Airborne Division crashed after 10 p.m. Wednesday night killing all nine personnel on board.

By Dan Lamothe and Amber FergusonMarch 31, 2023

9 soldiers killed as two Army helicopters crash near Fort Campbell

The HH-60 Black Hawk helicopters operated by the 101st Airborne Division crashed during a “routine training mission,” said officials at the Army's Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

By Adela Suliman, Kelsey Ables and Dan LamotheMarch 30, 2023

McCarthy’s meeting with Taiwan’s president puts U.S. on alert

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is slated to meet Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, next week in California, an engagement China strongly opposes.

By Ellen Nakashima, John Hudson and Dan LamotheMarch 29, 2023

Pentagon chief warns Senate amid abortion-policy showdown

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) has put a hold on nearly 160 military promotions, some for very senior positions, citing his objections to its policy post-Roe v. Wade.

By Dan LamotheMarch 28, 2023

These women survived combat. Then they had to fight for health care.

The Jax Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in the House, seeks to acknowledge women's combat service on secretive missions in Afghanistan.

By Hope Hodge SeckMarch 27, 2023

Biden warns Iran after U.S. forces clash with proxy groups in Syria

President Biden said that while the U.S. wants to avoid a wider confrontation with Iran, indiscriminate attacks on U.S. troops would not go unpunished.

By Dan Lamothe and Missy RyanMarch 24, 2023

Drone attack kills U.S. contractor in Syria, prompting airstrike response

The Pentagon launched precision airstrikes in response to the attack, which officials attributed to militants affiliated with Iran.

By Dan LamotheMarch 24, 2023