Crossing jungle and desert, migrants navigate a sea of misinformation

As migrants head for the U.S. border, social media surges with conflicting information on what the end of Title 42 will mean for them.

By Juan Arturo Gómez Tobón and Samantha SchmidtMay 14, 2023

Mexico faces humanitarian crisis as Biden migration policy kicks in

The desperation at a migrant camp in Matamoros, a half-mile from the U.S. border, underscored the questions swirling around Biden's new migration policy.

By Mary Beth SheridanMay 13, 2023

End of Title 42 pandemic border policy brings reset, but no sudden rush

The Title 42 border policy, used during the pandemic to quickly expel migrants who were in the United States illegally, expired Friday.

By Mary Beth Sheridan, Reyes Mata III, Maria Sacchetti and Nick MiroffMay 12, 2023

U.S. sees record migration influx as pandemic border restrictions lift

The Title 42 border policy used during the pandemic to quickly expel migrants who were in the U.S. illegally is set to expire May 11 at 11:59 p.m.

By Reyes Mata III and Nick MiroffMay 12, 2023

George Santos confesses to theft in Brazil to avoid prosecution

A day earlier, the New York congressman pleaded not guilty to wide-ranging charges brought by federal prosecutors in New York.

By Terrence McCoy, Marina Dias and Isaac Stanley-BeckerMay 11, 2023

In photos: The scene at the U.S.-Mexico border as Title 42 policy ends

Migrants rushed across the border hours before pandemic-related asylum restrictions were to expire Thursday.

By Washington Post StaffMay 11, 2023

Suspect in Natalee Holloway disappearance to be extradited in U.S. fraud case

Joran van der Sloot is accused of extorting Beth Holloway, the teen’s mother, for the body’s location. He is in a Peruvian prison for murdering a different woman.

By Andrew JeongMay 11, 2023

Biden’s border plans face a major test as Title 42 restrictions end

The Biden administration prepared for the May 11 end of Title 42 migrant restrictions as a looming crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. How might it play out?

By Nick Miroff, Maria Sacchetti and Toluse OlorunnipaMay 10, 2023

Biden administration mobilizes troops, prepares new asylum restriction

As Title 42 border expulsions cease this week, 1,500 more U.S. troops are heading to the southern border in anticipation of a major influx of migrants.

By Maria Sacchetti and Nick MiroffMay 10, 2023

David Miranda, Brazilian gay rights activist and legislator, dies at 37

He assisted his husband, journalist Glenn Greenwald, in disseminating information from classified U.S. documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

By Fred A. BernsteinMay 10, 2023

To lessen border surge, Democrats urge Biden to end Trump’s Venezuela policy

The push from within Biden's party comes as the administration expects a large influx of migrants at the southern border once pandemic restrictions expire.

By John HudsonMay 10, 2023

Ecuadoran lawmakers put President Lasso on impeachment’s path

Guillermo Lasso, accused of embezzlement, denies wrongdoing; a legislative oversight commission has recommended against impeachment.

By Samantha Schmidt and Diana DuránMay 9, 2023

The pink river dolphins of the Amazon have a warning for humans

The beloved pink river dolphins are canaries in the Amazonian coal mine, warning of the threat the heavy metal poses to humans.

By Diana DuránMay 9, 2023

Gary Prado Salmón, Bolivian general who captured Che Guevara, dies at 84

“I said, ‘Who are you?’” the officer recalled. “He said, ‘I am Che. I am worth more to you alive than dead.’”

By Phil DavisonMay 9, 2023

China and Canada expel each other’s diplomats over interference claims

China dismissed the claims of interference as "rumors," but the incident is threatening to inflame tensions between the countries again.

By Amanda Coletta and Christian ShepherdMay 8, 2023

How countries around the world have responded to mass shootings

In the United States, mass shootings are on the rise. But in many countries, they are rare — and lead to drastic change when they occur.

By Adam Taylor, Amanda Coletta and Jennifer HassanMay 8, 2023

This glacier was a tourist destination. Now it offers a warning.

Peru’s “Route of Climate Change” takes visitors to a melting glacier — and aims to teach them along the way.

By Sarah KaplanMay 6, 2023

King Charles coronation guest list: Who is coming and who isn’t

The guests at Westminster Abbey will include fewer world leaders and a younger generation of royalty compared with the fall funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

By Leo Sands and Mary JordanMay 5, 2023

Realms eyeing a split from the monarchy are mostly ignoring coronation

Even in those Commonwealth realms that aren't planning to sever ties, the coronation of Charles III as their king is drawing shrugs.

By Amanda ColettaMay 5, 2023

King Charles III could be Britain’s first post-colonial monarch

If Queen Elizabeth II represented a post-imperial monarch, her son could be Britain’s first post-colonial royal.

By Ishaan TharoorMay 5, 2023