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Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak says

Yevgeniy Prigozhin offered to tell Ukraine where Russian troops were located if they pulled back from Bakhmut, where Wagner mercenaries were taking heavy losses

By Shane Harris and Isabelle KhurshudyanMay 14, 2023

NATO races to bridge divisions over Ukraine membership

Discussions have intensified in the weeks before NATO leaders gather to cement plans for strengthening the alliance's defenses against Russia.

By Missy Ryan and Emily RauhalaMay 14, 2023
The Washington Post

Alleged leaker fixated on guns and envisioned ‘race war’

Previously unpublished videos and documents reviewed by The Washington Post reveal Jack Teixeira’s preparations for a violent social conflict, his racist thinking and a deep suspicion of the government he served.

By Shane Harris, Samuel Oakford and Chris DehghanpoorMay 14, 2023
The Washington Post

Zelensky, in private, plots bold attacks inside Russia, leak shows

THE DISCORD LEAKS | Intercepts reveal Zelensky's aggressive instincts, a marked contrast to his image as the stoic statesman weathering Russia’s onslaught.

By John Hudson and Isabelle KhurshudyanMay 13, 2023

South Africa scolds U.S. ambassador over Russian arms claim

The flap highlights ongoing tensions between the United States and some of its partners in the developing world over the war in Ukraine.

By Missy Ryan and Lesley WroughtonMay 12, 2023

End of Title 42 pandemic border policy brings reset, but no sudden rush

The Title 42 border policy, used during the pandemic to quickly expel migrants who were in the United States illegally, expired Friday.

By Mary Beth Sheridan, Reyes Mata III, Maria Sacchetti and Nick MiroffMay 12, 2023

Texas shooter’s diary charts decade-long path to violence

The shooter in the Allen, Tex., mass killing showed signs of extreme hate as far back as 2013, but his online postings don’t spell out a clear motive, analysts say.

By Razzan Nakhlawi, Hannah Allam, Samuel Oakford and Silvia Foster-FrauMay 12, 2023

Justice Department blocks Trump deposition in Strzok, Page lawsuits

The Justice Department won a court order to stop former president Donald Trump from being questioned under oath until FBI Director Christopher Wray is interviewed.

By Spencer S. HsuMay 12, 2023

U.S. looks to move past balloon incident in slight warming with China

Eight hours of conversations in Vienna between top officials Jake Sullivan and Wang Yi attempted to defrost the relationship between Washington and Beijing.

By Cate CadellMay 12, 2023

Fighting still rages in Sudan despite talk of truce progress

Following a U.S. announcement that the two sides were ready to negotiate a truce and would respect civilian needs, little has changed in fighting across the country.

By Katharine Houreld and Hafiz HarounMay 12, 2023

U.S. sees record migration influx as pandemic border restrictions lift

The Title 42 border policy used during the pandemic to quickly expel migrants who were in the U.S. illegally is set to expire May 11 at 11:59 p.m.

By Reyes Mata III and Nick MiroffMay 12, 2023

CIA moves to address sexual abuse allegations by personnel

After several women told Congress that the CIA discouraged them from complaining about sexual harassment and assault, the agency is now moving to address allegations.

By Shane HarrisMay 11, 2023

Sudan’s warring sides agree to first step in cease-fire push, U.S. says

Talks could resume as soon as Friday, officials said.

By Karen DeYoungMay 11, 2023

Trump files notice of appeal for E. Jean Carroll verdict

Former president Donald Trump was found liable for sexually abusing and defaming the writer E. Jean Carroll, who was awarded $5 million.

By Shayna JacobsMay 11, 2023

Supreme Court upholds California law on humane pork sales

Proposition 12 bans selling products derived from sows that don't have at least 24 square feet of space and the ability to stand up and turn around in their pens.

By Robert BarnesMay 11, 2023

Tracking Supreme Court decisions in major cases

The Post is following key cases that the Supreme Court will decide on 2023. Here are the major decisions the court is expected to rule on and why they matter.

By Robert Barnes, Ann E. Marimow and Nick MourtoupalasMay 11, 2023

South Korea will be vulnerable to North’s drones for years, leak warns

THE DISCORD LEAKS | An incursion late last year exposed extensive weaknesses and shortcomings in South Korea’s air defense, U.S. intelligence indicates.

By Alex Horton, Min Joo Kim and Michelle Ye Hee LeeMay 11, 2023

Rep. George Santos pleads not guilty to 13 counts of financial crimes

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) has been charged with federal crimes after a months-long investigation and is expected to appear in court on Long Island on Wednesday.

By Shayna Jacobs, Isaac Stanley-Becker, Devlin Barrett and Perry SteinMay 10, 2023

Biden’s border plans face a major test as Title 42 restrictions end

The Biden administration prepared for the May 11 end of Title 42 migrant restrictions as a looming crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. How might it play out?

By Nick Miroff, Maria Sacchetti and Toluse OlorunnipaMay 10, 2023

Biden administration mobilizes troops, prepares new asylum restriction

As Title 42 border expulsions cease this week, 1,500 more U.S. troops are heading to the southern border in anticipation of a major influx of migrants.

By Maria Sacchetti and Nick MiroffMay 10, 2023