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PM Update: Light breezes and few clouds accompany continued, comfortable warmth

Let’s also look at when we might next be this warm

A view of the Key Bridge at sunset from Georgetown. (Diane Krauthamer/ Flickr)
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Some enjoyable warmth today for moms — happy with it being slightly above-average? I think dry, comfortable dew points in the 40s have helped sell the warmth without many (if any) complaints. Few, if any, weather worries through Monday.

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Through tonight: Clouds increase, especially later tonight. A stray shower is possible south and well southwest of town. Our northerly breeze may continue for much of the night as well. Low temperatures dip to near 50 degrees, perhaps mid-50s in the typically warmer spots.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Any early clouds should clear as the morning progresses. High temperatures should be in the mid-70s for almost all of the region. Northerly breezes should stay fairly light during the morning hours. Into the afternoon, breezes may pick up just a slight bit as they shift to blow from a more southwesterly direction.

Skies overnight should stay clear until right near dawn Tuesday, when there’s a slight shower chance and low temperatures are finishing their fall into the 50s.

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We may have to wait a week or so before being this warm again

Warm-weather lovers, did you enjoy temperatures near and around 80 degrees today? Lots of spots got into this very warm regime. Average high temperatures don’t hit the 80-degree mark until May 28 at Reagan National Airport.

Let’s look at the long-range model ranges for high temperatures over the coming days. While there’s an outside chance this Tuesday that we see more sun than expected — helping pop up temperatures toward 80 degrees potentially — we don’t have a decent (above 25 percent) chance of seeing 80 degrees again until perhaps next Tuesday, May 23.

The Euro model high temperature background simulations in the shaded red believe that it could get as warm as 82 degrees on Tuesday and as warm as 85 degrees on Wednesday.

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