Noseda and the NSO rock out with ‘Beethoven & American Masters’

Maestro Noseda and the orchestra resumed the cycle of symphonies by Beethoven and George Walker

By Michael Andor BrodeurMay 14, 2023

Hannah Waddingham stole the show at Eurovision

The "Ted Lasso" star has grabbed the headlines as her viral moment circulated the internet.

By Herb ScribnerMay 14, 2023

Sweden wins Eurovision contest marked by kitsch and tributes to Ukraine

At the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, wartime tributes jostle against kitsch and extreme silliness.

By Karla AdamMay 14, 2023

Living with depression is hard. A new memoir, ‘Life B,’ offers hope.

Bethanne Patrick’s memoir, "Life B," is a candid account of living with a chronic mental illness.

By Steven PetrowMay 14, 2023

Larry Mahan, rodeo cowboy whose fame transcended the arena, dies at 79

He won an unprecedented five straight all-around world championships, started his own clothing line and appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson.

By Michael S. RosenwaldMay 12, 2023

From the wires

Kelly Clarkson responds to report accusing her daytime talk show of being a toxic workplace

Kelly Clarkson has responded to a Rolling Stone report accusing her daytime talk show of being a toxic workplace

By Associated PressMay 14, 2023

'Succession' star Jeremy Strong lands a role on Broadway in 2024 in 'An Enemy of the People'

Jeremy Strong is going from a corporate boardroom on TV to a whistleblower on Broadway

By Mark Kennedy | APMay 12, 2023

Jonas Brothers release new album, plan to prioritize mental health on upcoming tour

After two decades in the spotlight, the Jonas Brothers are still chasing butterflies

By Sian Watson | APMay 12, 2023

NASA and National Philharmonic team up for another successful launch

Composer Henry Dehlinger collaborated with NASA and the National Philharmonic to create his new orchestral and multimedia suite, “Cosmic Cycles.”

By Michael Andor BrodeurMay 12, 2023

‘Yellowface,’ a satire of race and publishing, falls into its own trap

Some books have unreliable narrators. The narrator of R.F. Kuang’s new novel is just unbelievable.

By Zoe HuMay 12, 2023

Sometimes getting your life together means making a mess of it first

In her graphic memoir "Impossible People," Julia Wertz reflects on alcoholism, sobriety and the unsustainability of life in New York City.

By Kay SohiniMay 12, 2023

Behind a pseudonym, literary provocation

James Campbell’s "NB by J.C." collects the columns of an incendiary cultural critic. Steven Moore’s "Dalkey Days" explores publishing artistically ambitious authors.

By Michael DirdaMay 12, 2023

25 years later, America still loves ‘Seinfeld’ but some hate how it ended

“Seinfeld” became a smash NBC hit with relatable absurdity like the Soup Nazi. Its finale 25 years ago was a “terrible letdown.”

By Frederic J. FrommerMay 12, 2023

What to watch with your kids: ‘Crater’ and more

Common Sense Media's guide to this week's family movies and TV shows.

May 12, 2023

In the galleries: An inspiring annual student showcase of art and media

Graduating students participate in an annual arts festival, two artists' takes on landscapes, an exhibit focuses on the threatened blue crab and an interactive show keyed to music and video.

By Mark JenkinsMay 12, 2023

How Mira Nair’s ‘Monsoon Wedding’ became a musical

It's been "a long journey" to the stage for the Indian-born director's 2001 film about a lavish family wedding in Delhi.

By Annie GowenMay 12, 2023

Was Cleopatra Black? We’re asking the wrong question.

Experts say critics of the Netflix docudrama's Cleopatra are anachronistically applying modern racial constructs to an ancient civilization.

By Bethonie ButlerMay 12, 2023

A zany team gets ‘Spamalot’ up on its funny feet — at breakneck speed

It takes nerves of steel and a village of deft theater people to whip up a full-fledged Kennedy Center musical like "Spamalot" in the space of two weeks.

By Peter MarksMay 12, 2023

It’s okay for libraries to be loud! Take it from me, a librarian.

In praise of the happy hubbub in the public library.

By Karen MacPhersonMay 12, 2023

How Taylor Swift fans turned a mysterious book into a bestseller

An untitled and unreleased book has been rocketing up the charts, and Swifties think they know who's behind it.

By Jacob Brogan and Emily YahrMay 11, 2023

Why is Eurovision a big deal? A guide for perplexed Americans.

The United Kingdom is hosting this year's competition, the biggest, and strangest, live music event on the planet.

By Karla AdamMay 11, 2023

‘Iron Man’ rescued superhero movies. Ultimately, it wrecked them.

"Iron Man" kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a deservedly widely-loved mega-hit. Fifteen years later, it may have been the worst thing to happen to movies.

By Ann HornadayMay 11, 2023