Heather Kelly

San Francisco

Technology reporter

Education: New York University, BA in journalism

Heather Kelly is a reporter covering the ways technology affects everyday life, from family to finances. Based in San Francisco, she joined The Washington Post in 2019 after seven years at CNN, where she worked as a writer and editor.
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    How Facebook users can apply for a share of $725 million settlement

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    April 24, 2023

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    April 20, 2023

    Netflix will finally stop mailing DVDs. These people will miss them.

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    How to choose the best weather app

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    April 4, 2023

    Utah governor signs bill to curb children’s social media use

    Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed a bill into law Thursday that would impose sweeping restrictions that aim to curtal kid and teen use of social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok.

    March 24, 2023