Matthew Cappucci

Washington, D.C.

Meteorologist, Capital Weather Gang

Education: Harvard University, B.A. Atmospheric Sciences

Matthew Cappucci is a meteorologist for Capital Weather Gang. He earned a B.A. in atmospheric sciences from Harvard University in 2019, and has contributed to The Washington Post since he was 18. A Cape Cod native, Cappucci's fascination of weather traces all the way back to when he was 2 years old and trying to pronounce "wind meter." At 7, he saved his money to purchase a video camera, routinely running outdoors during summertime thunderstorms to capture bolts of lightning on film. When he was 14, Cappucci became the youngest-ever presenter at the American Meteorological Society, where he
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Grapefruit-sized hail bombards Texas as icy baseballs pelt Florida

Severe thunderstorms have been dropping massive chunks of ice on the southern U.S.

April 27, 2023