Tara Parker-Pope

Washington, D.C.

Well+Being Editor

Education: University of Texas at Austin, BA in Sociology; Yale School of Public Health, MPH candidate/current student

Tara Parker-Pope is the Well+Being editor for The Washington Post. She is an editor and columnist who has devoted most of her career to consumer health news and service journalism. Her most recent stories have focused on helping people navigate pandemic life and understand covid-19. Before joining The Post, she was the founding editor of "Well," the New York Times’s consumer health site. She was part of the newsroom team that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for public service for coverage of the pandemic. In 2013, she won a News and Documentary Emmy for “Life, Interrupted,” a video series abou
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Our weekly Well+Being newsletter explores men's health, disability bias and helping patients regain their voice after disease impairs their ability to speak.

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Across the lifespan -- from infancy to the teen years, midlife and old age -- boys and men are more likely to die at every age compared to girls and women.

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Dr. Shirlene Obuobi is a cardiologist, author and artist who uses comics to teach readers about healthcare.

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